Wednesday, March 29, 2023


The Courier's Wife: A Captivating Novel of Courage and Resilience (Secrets of the Blue and Gray series featuring women spies in the American Civil War Book 1) by [Vanessa Lind]

 "The Courier's Wife" by Vanessa Lind

Schooling never taught us about how women helped shape the USA. This book is historical fiction and teaches us the wonders of women. How women worked in mail rooms and spied so as to help one side beat the other.

"The Courier's Wife" is very well written and keeps your attention from the first page until the end. Learning about the history of our Nation not only through the eyes of women but what else was going on at the time. Learn about the start of the Smithsonian Institute and more. Learn. Enjoy each word.

Pick up this book. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Friday, February 17, 2023


The Thread Collectors: A Novel by [Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman] 

 "The Thread Collectors" by Shauuna Edwards & Alyson Richman


This book opened my eyes and heart to a story of the Civil War that I've never heard. In school I learned the basics of the Civil War. The North and the South. This book opened my eyes to how it was much more than that. How slaves escaped and ran to help the North conquer the South. 

 Meet Stella, William, Lily, Jacob and others who fought together and ended up... You'll have to read it to find out. 

 Beautifully written to the point where I never wanted it to end. 

 Do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy today. 

 Thread your life with knowledge.


Monday, October 17, 2022

 "The Shell Collector" by Nancy Naigle

The smallest trinkets are sometimes bring the greatest joys. Change may also bring joy but that is harder to rise from depending upon why you are making a change. 

For many years now, my family and I have traveled down to the Gulf Coast and collected sea shells. How beautiful they are! To think of what lived inside and then left to move on to a bigger shell. Nature brings amazing gifts. We just have to open our eyes.

This book is one of those gifts. Pick it up and engross yourself in how one example of love, hope, joy and more translate into more than you could dream of. It's when the surprises in life show you what's important. How to find the joy and see the stars shining above.

Excellent book. Brought me to tears when I read the last sentence. How moving this book is! How well written. Love the characters and the story line. This book is a keeper! One to read over and over again over the years.

Now, what are you waiting for? "The Shell Collector" can be found at Amazon and retailers. 

Thank you, Nancy!

Sunday, April 24, 2022



Her Hidden Genius: A Novel by [Marie Benedict]

"Her Hidden Genius" by Marie Benedict


Brilliant book. Open your mind to what this amazing woman brought to science. Brought to the world with her knowledge and know how.

Very well written. A book that you can't put down and, at the same time, don't want to end. Yes, this is one of my favorite books. How can it not be? It's brilliant! Love it!!!!!

Thank you, Marie, for your fabulous addition to the literary world!

Now go pick up a copy!





Monday, March 28, 2022


"The Bodyguard" by Katherine Center


 Katherine Center has a style all her own. "The Bodyguard" was interesting from the start. Who writes one line paragraphs? Page after page? That keep you reading? Keep you engaged? She does.

This book is a fun book to read. It brings together the odds that, at the end, aren't odds. Strengths that, in the beginning are false bottoms but, in the end, are strong as nails.

This is a story that you will enjoy. Pick it up!

Saturday, November 20, 2021



 "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is a FABULOUS writer! She's brilliant in how she makes us laugh and cry or almost cry. At least puts true feelings and beliefs in every book. This book is no exception. If you are interested in a book that is fun to read from beginning to end, this is the book for you. All of Jennifer's books are brilliant. I love reading her work!

Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your work with us. For the last 20 years, you have provided us with laughs. Yes, those of us who are nice Jewish women, get an extra kick.

I'll take a turkey sandwich with EXTRA mayo!













Saturday, October 16, 2021









 "Stare at Me: How Being Blindsided Brings Life Into Focus"

by Joey Mullaney


 "Stare at Me: How Being Blindsided Brings Life Into Focus" is a book that may introduce you to a horrific medical condition (Friedreich's ataxia (FA)) where a person is trapped in a body that will eventually take life itself. There is no cure.

Joey shared his life's challenges where he proves that living with FA is not his defining purpose. He has proven he can and will do amazing things. To graduate from college and go on to be an incredible role model for those suffering from any challenges, is truly amazing. That's Joey. He's truly amazing.

Pick up this book and open your eyes and hearts. Realize that you CAN do things.

Thanks for writing this book, Joey. I hope your sales soar!